A Proposal for Funding Public Infrastructure Investments Through Sales of Corporate Branding Rights

A Case for Branded Infrastructure 

U.S. Infrastructure Report Card (2017)


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Branding infrastructure would decrease government spending and corresponding tax burdens while providing companies a way to reach customers and communities authentically.

A "permissioned blockchain"​ voting system would enable quasi-direct democracy to guide policymakers to constituent infrastructure needs and spending preference — this system would also provide market research for corporations assessing infrastructure branding opportunities on almost any conceivable structure or facility; bridges, dams, energy, waste, inland waterways, levees, parks and recreation, aviation, ports, roads, schools, transit, water, sidewalks, bikepaths, hikingtrails, &etc. 

BrandstarStruck proposes a solution to the ASCE Infrastructure Investment Needs problem by using a decentralized web application platform to facilitate infrastructure stakeholder network communications. 

The network validates voter citizenship and timestamps votes on a per-project basis, anonymizing voter identity. Vote tallies are broadcast on a user engagement basis, similar to social-network content feeds.


Conceptual Description:

BrandstarStruck is a vision for a new kind of branded world different entirely from conventional corporate marketing. 


BrandstarStruck creates opportunities for brands to build long-term relationships with communities and customers by facilitating corporate funding of society's infrastructure projects, via repurposing pre-existing marketing budgets in exchange for branding rights on small and large scale infrastructure projects.


Here's how it works in 3-phases, building a web platform to include:


  • A user-interface(A) allowing a community's citizens to login and describe+vote up/down the most pressing infrastructure needs

  • A user-interface(B) for contractors of any type to login and browse community-needs entered in user-interface(A), and subsequently bid on cost to perform the required work.

  • A user-interface(C) for corporations to login and browse contractor bids to perform work on high-visibility projects, via purchase of associated branding rights, and subsequently fund infrastructure projects via reallocating pre-existing marketing budgets


The Impact

Communities worldwide can:

  • Have a better means to encourage corporate democracy, in the sense that in today's world it is essential that brands are reaching customers authentically, and that customers vote in the corporate world as well as political world

  • Nationwide reduced tax-burdens

  • Budgets come directly from existing marketing budgets (i.e. no new budget additions)

  • Meaningful and high-visibility infrastructure projects are everywhere found easily

  • Repetitively branded structures occur commonly throughout a customer's day  

  • Huge bridges and roadways and dams and waterways provide a magnificent scale to actually attract viewers, rather than trap them


Risks & Challenges

  • Certain local, state, and federal approvals may be required.

  • Bureaucracy surrounding clearing said red-tape.

  • Cost & time


Other Ways Anyone Can Help

If you can be of assistance implementing within or engaging:

  • Government

  • Industry

  • Academia


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Developers Needed

Contribute or contact me if potentially interested but have technical questions.



Thank You !!! ? 

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